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HUBZone Chamber of Commerce Membership

Welcome to the HUBZone Chamber of Commerce

You will be granted a "no-cost" membership to the HUBZone Chamber of Commerce.

Membership is open to everyone. While we focus on helping the HUBZone Program hit its goal, what we provide is useful to all small businesses.

Members will get access to free content and courses we provide; some content requires an account to access so we can help you track your progress on the material.

Access to:

  • Events Calendar
  • Agency Forecast List
  • Agency & Large Prime Portals
  • Tips & News Blogs
  • Success Tips Podcast
  • "Meet the Experts" Video Series
  • Basic Courses
  • HUBZone "Set Aside Calls"
  • HUBZone Primer Webinar

What People Are Saying:

“We are a recently certified Hubzone business and I am eager to learn how to use this to our advantage. I have been told subcontracting is the way to start out but I'm not having any luck. So glad this community was organized for a resource on ideas and suggestions. - Suzanne B.”

“The HUBZone Chamber of Commerce site is very helpful. We are working with a local Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) to get our Capability Statement up to par. Your help, Neil's help, and the staff is greatly appreciated. Have a great week. - Mary C.”

“I think we need more attention to Hub-Zone qualified companies. There should be a greater awareness that we are out here! - Dr. Maggie S.”

“This chamber is a great idea; thank you for putting the time and effort into its creation, organization, and maintenance. - Jacob K.”

“Thanks for your advocacy and work, Neil! Duncan appreciates your efforts! - Chris D”