Our Vision

Over 1000 active HUBZone Chamber Members

The HUBZone Chamber of Commerce was founded by and for HUBZone-certified small business owners.

In just six months, more than 1000 procurement-ready small businesses joined the HUBZone Chamber of Commerce committed to helping the federal government achieve its goal of 3% HUBZone set asides.

With increased responses to Sources Sought and and improved market visibility, government contracting officers should always be able to identify 2 or more qualified HUBZone firms to respond to every purchasing need.

Why is this important?

The US federal government has approved $13+ BILLION dollars for annual distribution to HUBZone firms.  Unfortunately, barely HALF of the money is actually being distributed. Many qualified businesses still encounter barriers to entry and are intimidated by the process.

Let’s get that remaining $6 billion dollars off the table and watch communities across the country come alive providing innovative goods and services, hiring local people and reinvesting that money throughout our extended neighborhoods and communities.

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First step–DSBS

DSBS is the primary tool contracting officers use to identify potential small business contractors for upcoming contracting opportunities.

Small businesses can also use DSBS to identify other small businesses for teaming and joint venturing.

Your company must have a complete and frequently updated profile to appear in the marketing research.

If you want to be 'noticed', you have to make yourself visible!

What does your DSBS say about you?

Building Strategic Partnerships

The Chamber engages with the SBA, federal agency OSDBUs and small business professionals like Paul Ross of DOE (photo), PTACs, Economic Development Councils, local chambers of commerce, and others on behalf of the 5,000 HUBZone small businesses we represent.

Our priority is to raise the visibility of qualified procurement-ready small businesses so that they can stand out during the market research phase and better compete for government contracts.

Invite Neil McDonnell to speak at your event

2018 PTAC Webinar: Meet the Chamber

In this webinar, Neil McDonnell provides an orientation for PTAC officers and explains how the Chamber can be a catalyst toward achieving the federal government's 3% goal for HUBZone contracts.

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