Double the number of HUBZone certified small businesses to 10,000, providing a stronger industrial base to the federal government.


Get the entire 3% set-aside for HUBZone small businesses –more than $13 billion dollars – "off the table and into American communities"

2018 Results

Hosted 200+ events and helped thousands of small businesses. In FY2018, HUBZone firms won $3Billion over FY2017.

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Breaking News | The Tide Has Turned

HUBZone Chamber of Commerce ENDS  the 10 YEAR DECLINE of SBA HUBZone Program 

After a dismal 10 year decline and never once hitting its 3% goal, the SBA HUBZone Program finally has a reason to celebrate. 

HUBZone-certified companies are  now responding to Sources Sought & RFIs in record numbers and winning more  contracts!

Thanks to the HUBZone Chamber of Commerce everything has changed!

Neil McDonnell explains what triggered FY18's 24% growth of contracts over FY17 and how the Chamber is working toward exceeding those results in FY19.

*UPDATE | HUBZone-awarded contracts increased to 2.05% in FY2018 )

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[Please note: The daily 4-5pm call Neil references in the video has been discontinued Dec 2018.]

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Do not confuse the HUBZone Chamber of Commerce with lobbying organizations.  We are a 'Business-Bridge-Building' organization! 

HUBZone Chamber members collaborate at the Sources Sought / RFI phase to push federal contracts toward Small Business. We are helping the government achieve its 3% HUBZone contracting goals. 

The HUBZone Chamber of Commerce is an independent, dues-free, membership organization designed to help small businesses become successful in the government marketplace and to help contracting officers achieve their specific agency small business targets.

HUBZone Bulk Validator Tool

A tool created by SV Mac Pack (a HUBZone company) to ease the burden of validating employee addresses against the SBA HUBZone map. Input any size .xls and generate individual .pdf reports validating employee addresses.

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