"Getting the $6 billion off the table and into American communities"


To address economic and workforce challenges nationwide by helping HUBZone-certified businesses become successful federal contractors and by helping contracting officers meet their small business goals.


To get the entire 3% set-aside for HUBZone small businesses –more than $13 billion dollars – "off the table and into American communities" and to be sure government contracting officers can find 4+ qualified HUBZone-certified businesses for every RFI.

Member Benefits

*See our recommended language to Request Set-Asides

HUBZone Set Aside Call Program

Daily 30 minute member discussions on specific Sources Sought and RFIs to secure commitment from 4 or more companies to respond to the Sources Sought, and to request it become a HUBZone small business set-aside (SBSA) opportunity. 

Daily Small Biz Support Calls

Daily conference calls to answer any govcon or HUBZone questions. Call us to find the answers you need. 

Strategic Education for Members

Strategic courses, webinars and outreach to help all HUBZone-certified businesses become registered in DSBS and SAM to be readily visible to government market researchers.

HUBZone Bulk Validator Tool

A tool created by SV Mac Pack (a HUBZone company) to ease the burden of validating employee addresses against the SBA HUBZone map.

Membership Requirements

Over 1000 members strong!

Membership in the HUBZone Chamber of Commerce is 'dues free'. Price is not a barrier. 

However, all members are required to 'sign-up and show-up'.

  1. Register as a member
  2. Participate in member activities
  3. Request Set Aside opportunities when responding to Sources Sought
  4. Be committed to the Chamber mission.

The Chamber is not a lobbying organization.  It is a launchpad for raising member visibility, capability and engagement in government contracting. The Chamber is a place for members to build strategic business networks, to communicate and collaborate for increased contracting opportunities with federal government agencies.

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Partner Benefits

If you are a large company or a government buyer, reach out to the HUBZone Chamber to find small businesses that can support your needs. We can help facilitate responses to Sources Sought, ensuring your market research efforts achieve maximum participation by HUBZone businesses.

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The HUBZone Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, dues-free, membership organization designed to help small businesses become successful in the government marketplace and to help contracting officers achieve their specific agency small business targets.

The Chamber is not a lobbying organization.  We are a 'Business-Bridge-Building organization!  HUBZone companies collaborating to secure federal contracts and helping the government achieve its 3% HUBZone contracting goals.

Our mission is to get the 3% set-aside for HUBZone small businesses –$13 billion dollars– "off the table and into American communities".

We believe government contracting officers should be able to find 4+ qualified HUBZone-certified businesses for every RFI and we are here to help.


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